A Handful of the best or...


Introduction and Purpose

This is resource material for My presentation at the Schooltech Conference 2007 Auckland.
Here the Blurb...
A handful of the best: tools that work at low or no cost:
This presentation looks at tools that you can use, that enhance teaching and learning at a minimal cost. These are a selection of tools that can be quickly applied to classroom practice. ranging from alternative office suites for students to use out of school to time management/project management tools, to mind-mapping/concept mapping software to graphics and video tools. The products range from Microsoft Photostory to Ganttproject, the Gimp and tux paint to Avid Free DV to Serif pageplus Desktop publishing to google sketch up and google earth. These are tools that work and are available at low or no cost. Materials and links for this presentation will be posted on my wiki http://edorigami.wikispaces.com

What is open source?

Not all of the software on this page is open source, but much of it is. Here is the best definition I have found
"Open source software is software that has source code that is open, viewable, unrestricted and re-distributable"
Source: Hudson & Moyle, Open source software for Australian and New Zealand Schools, June 2004, Department of Education and childrens service South Australia

The products:

The Rasterbator

Category: Imaging
Standalone or Online tool that Rasterises Images (makes images out of dots). The Rastered images of unlimited size. You are only limited by your printer. It produces the Product image in PDF format. You then cut it out, stick it together and post it. Really good.
Outputs the images in:
  • Multi colour
  • Black and white
  • Single colour


Category: Mind mapping, Graphical Organiser, thinking organisercmap_image.jpg