A colleague has given me an excellent poster she has developed on the three storey intellect.

As a taxonomy of higher and lower order thinking, it is a clean and simple model.


The three storey intellect was inspired Oliver Wendell Holmes.
There are one-storey intellects, two-storey intellects, and three-storey intellects with skylights. All fact collectors who have no aim beyond their facts are one-storeymen. Two-storey men compare, reason, generalize, using the labor of fact collectors as their own. Three-storey men idealize, imagine, predict--their best illumination comes from above the skylight.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Art Costa, adapted this for education. The storey allows students to recognize the various levels of thinking. The 3 layers or stories can be generally matched to the six levels of Blooms taxonomy. The match is not 2, 2, 2 as you may note below.
The three levels in the Three storey intellect are:
  • Gathering information (lower order thinking)
  • Processing information
  • Applying Information (higher order thinking)
Where Bloom's Taxonomy has six levels within the taxonomy:
  • Remember (lower order thinking)
  • Understand
  • Apply
  • Analyse
  • Evaluate
  • Create (Higher order thinking)
The fit is not perfect but its pretty good. It is useful to compare these two models because
  • it reinforces the value of each arrangement
  • it links two popular models of thinking
  • it compares a simpler model, the 3 Storey intellect, to a more complex model, Bloom's Taxonomy
  • it makes it easier to move between models


I have created this chart as a image to be consistent with the table alignment. Click on the attached file for a PDF version

created by A Churches

image source: http://www.iwebquest.com/webquestcourse/intellect.htm

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