These are two tools that I am developing for analysing the taxonomic levels of the Activities and Assessments.

Examination Assessment Tool

This is a tools for analysing the different taxonomic level examined in a test or examination. The tool uses the action verbs usually associated with each taxonomic level. You then match the taxonomic level to the questions, enter the marks into the corresponding cell and repeat the process.
Once this is complete you calculate the % of the paper/assessment at each taxonomic level and there fore how much is examining higher order thinkings skills and lower order thinking skills.


Bloom's Activity Analysis Tool

This tools analyses the taxonomic level of the learning activity, task or unit. The process is essentially similar to the tool above. This tool allows you to look at a simple overview of the activity or unit and provides a simple perspective on task construction. The optional extension of the tool requires you to enter the estimated time spent on each task element and then to calculate a percentage of total time spent on each taxonomic level.