"The concept was detailed and the outcomes clearly identified. The storyboard was constructed and transitions, timing and scene detailed. The pictures were taken and the music sourced. Ali and Kendall uploaded the content to Animoto, the online video tool, and structured the product, adding text and transitions to illustrate their message in the 30 second timeframe they had. Applying the processes they had learnt earlier. They ran and reran the clip, evaluating the impact of their message, modifying the sequence and judging the changes they had made. Finally satisfied they published to the blog the clip they had designed, constructed, directed and produced."

Creativity involves all of the other facets of the taxonomy. In the creative process the student/s, remembers, understands & applies knowledge, analyses and evaluates outcomes, results, successes and failures as well as processes to produce a final product.The following are some of the key terms for this aspect of the Taxonomy.
  • Designing
  • Constructing
  • Planning
  • Producing
  • Inventing
  • Devising
  • Making
external image creating-300x154.jpg
external image creating-300x154.jpg

Anderson and Krathwohl's taxonomy – Creating

6. Creating: Putting the elements together to form a coherent or functional whole; reorganising elements into a new pattern or structure through generating, planning or producing.
The digital additions and their justifications are as follows:
  • Programming - Whether it is creating their own applications, programming macros or developing games or multimedia applications within structured environments, students are routinely creating their own programs to suit their needs and goals
  • Filming, animating, videocasting, podcasting, mixing and remixing – these relate to the increasing trend and availability of multimedia and multimedia editing tools. Students frequently capture, create, mix and remix content to produce unique products.
  • Directing and producing – to directing or producing a product, performance or production is a highly creative product. It requires the student to have vision, understand the components and meld these into a coherent product.
  • Publishing – whether via the web or from home computers, publishing in text, media or digital formats is increasing. Again this requires a huge overview of not only the content being published, but the process and product. Related to this concept are also Video blogging – the production of video blogs, blogging and also wiki-ing - creating, adding to and modify content in wikis. Creating or building Mash ups would also fit here

Key Terms - Creating:

designing, constructing, planning, producing, inventing, devising, making, programming, filming, animating, Blogging, Video blogging, mixing, remixing, wiki-ing, publishing, videocasting, podcasting, directing/producing, creating or building mash ups
external image creating-digital-300x154.jpg
external image creating-digital-300x154.jpg

Rubric and resources

external image pdf.png Publishing -podcasting rubric.pdf
external image pdf.png digital publishing rubric.pdf
external image pdf.png starter sheet - voicethread.pdf