"Alan looked at the beaker of clear liquid that had turned a light shade of red as he added litmus liquid. He recalled the facts about litmus paper which changes colour when exposed to an acid or a base (alkaline). He understood that the red change indicated an acid and blue a base. He applied this knowledge to discover what he could about the unknown liquid he had found in the old soft drink bottle. He quickly realised that the liquid was not just water and was unsafe to handle."

In this example a student applied facts and process he had learnt to a situation. Applying could be using a process, skill or set of facts.

The following are some of the key terms for this aspect of the Taxonomy.
external image applying-300x153.jpg
external image applying-300x153.jpg

  • Carrying out
  • Using
  • Executing
  • Implementing
  • Showing
  • Exhibiting

Anderson and Krathwohl's taxonomy – Applying

3. Applying: Carrying out or using a procedure through executing or implementing. Applying related and refers to situations where learned material is used through products like models, presentation, interviews and simulations.

The digital additions and their justifications are as follows:
  • Running and operating - This the action of initiating a program. This is operating and manipulating hardware and applications to obtain a basic goal or objective.
  • Playing – The increasing emergence of games as a mode of education leads to the inclusion of this term in the list. Students who successfully play or operate a game/s are showing understanding of process and task and application of skills.
  • Uploading and Sharing - uploading materials to websites and the sharing of materials via sites like flickr etc. This is a simple form of collaboration, a higher order skill.
  • Hacking – hacking in its simpler forms is applying a simple set of rules to achieve a goal or objective.
  • Editing – With most media's, editing is a process or a procedure that the editor employs.

Key Terms - Applying:

Implementing, carrying out, using, executing, running, loading, playing, operating, hacking, uploading, sharing, editing
external image applying-digital-300x153.jpg
external image applying-digital-300x153.jpg

Rubrics and resources

external image pdf.png wiki editting rubric v2.pdf
external image pdf.png collaboration rubric.pdf using elluminate etc
external image pdf.png Skype rubric.pdf also evaluating element
external image pdf.png iwb_use_rubric.pdf Teachers
external image pdf.png IWB taxonomy - students.pdf
external image pdf.png googlemaps rubric.pdf
external image pdf.png starter sheet - googlemaps.pdf
external image pdf.png collaborative editing using online WP rubric.pdf