This is a resource of some of the interesting video resources available on web 2.0.

EPIC 2014


This is a brilliant fictional work by Matt Thompson, editor for startribune.comand Robin Sloan, who works for Current.

This 8 minute video looks at the changes in reporting and the growth of people power media.

Its a great starting point for discussions on web 2.0, the future of media, direction of technology education etc. did a good review of the film and this is also good for stimulus material.,122957-page,1/article.html


Here are some of the locations the videos (Epic 2014 & the updated epic 2015) are at:

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The Machine is Us/ing


This is a brilliant video By prof M Wesch. This is an interesting and challenging video that raises serious questions about copyright, ownership, privacy, community, and so much more...

Here is what he says about himself
Professor Michael Wesch
I am an assistant professor of cultural anthropology, but first and foremost I am a student of the world. I have the coolest job in the world, organizing massive teams of K-State students into global citizens working for a better tomorrow.
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Common Craft Videos


This is a series of simple concept, well execute instructional videos on emerging web 2.0 technologies.
I would have to recommend them as they are clear, concise and fun
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Links: - wikis in plain english - rss in plain english - social bookmarking in plain english - social networking in plain english

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wikis in plain english

RSS in plain english

Social Bookmarking in Plain English

social networking in plain english