Cool Web 2 tools

I have known about some very interesting web 2.0 applications for a while.
The obvious ones like wikispaces, wikipedia and alike, but also the online
applications like word processors, spreadsheets and media sharing spaces
like flickr. There are however many more that are really worth looking at.

Click here for Web 2.0 Productivity Tools

Web 2.0 Tutorials

Without a doubt one of the best resources on the web for web2.0 Technologies is the commoncraft show. Lee LeFever's productions are clear, simple and to the point; most of all they are "In Plain English" Here are the links:
external image commoncraft_logo.gif

Virtual Field Trips Using Web 2.0

This is a page looking at using web 2.0 tools for creating simple but valuable
Virtual field trips. Tools are common and powerful
  • Google earth
  • Google maps
  • Google street view
  • Microsoft live maps
  • Microsoft Photosynth

online media tools

I was particularly taken with online media tools. These websites allow the
user to edit, mix, remix and in some case record rich media (audio and video)
and then publish this content. This is beyond the youtube, teachertube
and googlevideo realms.

Application Type
Photo Tool
Voice thread
Audio Tool
Audio Mixer
Audio Mixer
Audio Mixer
Audio Mixer
Video Editor
Video editor
Video Editor
Pinnacle Share
Video Editor
Video Editor
Video Editor
Animation Tool
Animation Tool
Graphic Editor
Ajax Sketch
Photo Editor
Cartoon Creation
Cartoon Creation
Cartoon Creation
Cartoon Creation
Cartoon Creation
Captain Underpants
Cartoon Creation
Toronto Library Kid's Space
Caption Images
Caption Bubble
Draw Anywhere
Mind mapping
Drawing tool
Sumo Paint
Drawing Tool
OffSet Type.Network
Drawing Tool
GE's Imagination Cubed
Drawing Tool
Splash up
Drawing / Painting Tool
ArtPad painter
Drawing Tool
Mr PicassoHead
Drawing Tool
Floor Planning Tool
Floor Planner
Newspaper Headline Generator
Clapper Board Generator
Graffiti style text generator
Graffiti Creator

Image editing tools

Pixlrexternal image tools_pixlr_logo.gif
  • resize it,
  • crop it,
  • apply effects and filters,
  • use layers.
Pixlr is free to use with no signup needed.

  • edit and resize pictures,
  • create color schemes,
  • edit vectors,
  • apply effects,
  • create fonts

Adobe Photoshop Express
  • 2GB of free space to upload
  • arrange them in galleries
  • edit them
  • Apply effect
  • resize
  • rotate
  • crop
  • adjust colors, saturation, brightness

Splashupexternal image tools_splashup_logo.gif
  • edit any type of image
  • resize it
  • crop it
  • select different regions
  • use layers
  • add captions and effects
  • Free.

  • get photos from Flickr, your PC or online photo storage service
  • edit it
  • resize
  • rotate
  • crop
  • captions
  • free photo storage
  • Registration needed.

FotoFlexerexternal image tools_fotoflexer_logo.gif

  • Flash-based image editing tool
  • free,
  • cropping
  • resizing
  • removing blemishes and wrinkles
  • changing eye color
  • adding captions

Picnikexternal image tools_picnik_logo.gif
  • resize
  • rotate
  • crop pictures
  • fix underexposed photos
  • remove red-eye
  • special effects.
  • save your image locally in various formats
  • free

  • Flash-based
  • supports layers
  • filters
  • effects
  • create shapes
  • edit your images
  • Free to use

PikiFXexternal image tools_pikifix_logo.gif
  • resize it
  • crop it
  • effects
  • borders
  • captions.
  • save image as JPG, BPM, PNG, TIFF and GIF
  • Free
  • no registration.

  • external image tools_fixpicture_logo.gif edit
  • convert pictures
  • resize
  • crop
  • rotate
  • mirror
  • adjust levels
  • apply basic effects
  • output format(jpg, png, bmp, gif, tiff, pdf).
  • Free

  • crop
  • rotate
  • brightness
  • saturation
  • contrast
  • black&white
  • sepia tone
  • captioning
  • download image
  • registered user for some features.
  • Free.

Dr. Pic
  • external image tools_visual-communication_drpic.gif Javascript-based
  • resize
  • crop
  • rotate
  • add text
  • export image in different formats (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP) with different quality settings.
  • Free
  • no registration required.

LunaPicexternal image tools_lunapic_logo.gif
  • crop
  • resize
  • rotate
  • apply filters
  • add text
  • draw
  • add animations
  • free to use.

  • external image tools_picjuice_logo.gifresize
  • crop
  • flip
  • rotate
  • adjust
  • save picture in JPG or PNG format.
  • Free
  • no registration

SnipShotexternal image tools_visual-communication_snipshot.gif
  • open any file from URL or PC
  • resize
  • crop
  • rotate
  • enhance
  • adjust exposure and contrast
  • apply effects
  • save in multiple formats
  • Free
  • no registration needed.
(based on an article by Robin Good - )

MindMeister is a mind mapping tool - Free for basic edition.
MindMeister is a mind mapping tool - Free for basic edition.


Here is another addition to the fold of interesting applications. This is a web 2.0 based screen capture tool, its still in beta but is worth a visit
external image som2.gif

voicethread & Jamglue

Voicethread, is a photo tool that incorperates voice recording and text. Its a Microsoft Photostory 3.0 online but with a world wide audienceThis is Jamglue a tool for mixing and remixing audio content online.

Jaycut and video tools , Eye spot and Mojiti allow the user to upload the raw cuts to the site and then using existing materials and a variety of online tools, edit and modify the content and publish the end product.


external image panel_7x1_logoBeta.gif This is a animation site where you upload the images to the site, select your music and finalise your short film
Films under 30 seconds are free.
In its current form its interesting and neat but is really only eye-candy - Blog comments

Polling and Survey Tools

I have been experimenting with Surveymonkey as a polling tool and I like it but in the free version its limited in that you can ask all the questions but the interesting back end features that make it hum - like download the results etc are limited.I have been thinking about doing a bit nmore of a delve in to survey tools but someone beat me to it. So... I have grabbed this list from a recent blog entry by Miguel Guhlin Around the Corner v2. This is a nice tidy list of polling and survey tools . Thanks Miguel, much appreciatedexternal image TM_logo.gifexternal image logo.gifexternal image logo_txt.gifexternal image logo.jpg
external image header.jpg

Links to Polling tools

  1. Poll Daddy# Cool Web Toys# Blogflux# Quimble
  2. SurveyMonkey
  3. Zoomerang
  4. Survey Gizmo
  5. Ballot-Box
  6. Easy Poll Here is another tool - JOTFORM - Download a short video on this -

Collaborative publishing tools


mixbook - collaborative tool - sophicated picture books
===Link=== www.mixbook.commixbook1.jpgThis tool will allow a group of people to create collaborative books.The books can be potentially published (in print) and of course viewed online.===Process=== The process is very simple1. Sign up to the site (get your kids to sign up to)2. validate the membership by clicking on the link sent to you3. Create a book - set the level of access you want, add a description and details
set access rights for contribution and viewing
4. invite people to mix your book
5. upload images and add context
6. Done!


Lulu - web based book publishing
Lulu - web based book publishing
===link:=== 1. Write your book (this statement probably does not do justice to this element of the process)2. Upload your manuscript, photos or digital files3. Format your book using their formatting tools - this is binding size the whole lot! ||
U.S. Printing Specifications
Binding Types
external image binding_perfect.jpg
Perfect Bound
external image binding_coil.jpg
external image binding_saddle.jpg

4. Set a price
here is an example of the pricing process (from their website) for a book
The book price is calculated:
$ 4.00 Printing cost (2¢/page x 200 pages)
+ 4.53 Fixed cost for cover, binding, materials
$ 8.53 Production costs

+ 4.00 Creator revenue
+ 1.00 Lulu commission (20% of total profit)


=$ 13.53 Price

5. Sell your book
Publishing the easy way

Search Engines

Create your own search engine

This is a new one from the google stable called Google Coop It allows a group of people to co-operatively research and design and customise a search engine to suit their needs and requirements
external image google_coop_sm.gif

Visual preview tool

Cool Iris

By andrewch
external image cilogo_2.png

**The Firefox extension.**

Cool iris is a neat firefox etension that lets you preview the website the link you are hover over goes to.
So if you have a google search and you hover over the link Cool iris will preview the page for you in a seperate windows that hovers.
external image 1
The frame also has functionality including emailing the bookmark etc
external image pdq20070914.gif

Techlearning Article

Visual search


Customise your search using visual search plugin for firefox. This plug in allows you to modify your search by double clicking on words within the search results.
Goto the web site - - and install the plug in - Restart your browser
Goto Google and enter a search string in the search field. Then slow double click on the words you want to eliminate or add to your search. + adds the words and - removes them
This refines the search and updates the field.

Instructional Video -

Wiki Mania

Wiki mania is a page looking at the Wikimedia range of projects:
These include:
  • wikipedia
  • wikispecies
  • wikibooks
  • wikicommons
  • wikisource
  • wiktionary
  • etc


This is a flash powered online thesaurus/dictionary etc. Its brilliant, great eye candy value but it graphically displays relationships etc
Hovering over the key word will float an explanation

Visuwords - visual thesaurus and dictionary


This is a brilliant mashup it graphs wide varieties of data

This is a remarkably diverse and interesting site.
This site provides free software that you can use to visualise human development.
Its made by an interesting collection of groups including the universities and UN

So what does it do?

It allows you to graph population features like life expectancy, population counts etc against other population features with different country data.
Its interesting, very visual and easy to use, its also allows you to move through time as well.
Have a look at population in Rwanda over time.

external image gap-world.jpg

The site also has resources in PDF format like this one on World education.
external image WorldEducationChart2004Logo.gif

They also have video and "gapcasts" to view

Voice based Search engine
external image header_front.png
This is an interesting web site. This is a mash up using Flash, voice recognition tools and a extensive database of music.

Its a site where you can search for and find music, what make sit interesting is that you can search
by your voice.
Search for the song of your choice by singing or humming
The site is commercial - you can buy what you hum and find.

They even have a video of how it works -

You can also publish your own material to the site.


external image graph_header.gif



This is a nice Flash powered tool which allows the user to create a variety of graphs online.

Graph Types

The Graphs are the good basics
  • Bar
  • Line
  • Area
  • Pie
  • XY
external image piebar_icon.gif


Once you select the graph type, the flash object has a series tabs you use to navigate through the stages of developing your graph.
The steps are logical and make for a useful progress:
  • Design - appearance of the graph 2D/3D
  • Data - enter your data here
  • Labels for axis, title and data series
  • Preview
  • Save

This is the create-a-graph object showing tab based navigation

Download formats

Create-a-graph allows you to download the graph or chart in a variety of formats

You can also email the graph or chart to yourself.

Mash ups.

In many ways Mash ups represent the ultimate web 2.0 tool. Here you customize and design your own information and data source, you remix data from where ever into a format that you want and need.


external image hdr-txt-logo.gifexternal image mm_logo.png


A Mashup is where you bring together information from various sources in a single page. It might be demographic information and maps or Flickr pictures and maps. There are lots of opportunities that are possible. But… its hard work
Well Intel has given us an option - Mashmaker.
There are a variety of resources to help you and a plug in for your browser. This is worth a play.
Main page -
Overview -
Video tutorials -
external image Intel_SW-IntelMashMakerTheToolbar269.wmv.jpg

Interesting sites

The web revolutionaries - the men and women who reshaped the net
kathy - Schrock on Web 2.0
What is web 2.0 -
The web revolutionaries - the men and women who reshaped the net
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