At school access to the internet is monitored, there are often black lists of inappropriate sites, filtering systems and supervision by teachers and staff. But when the students get home this changes. The parents do not have access to the extensive resources and tools avaliable to schools. So to help the parents we recommend that a simple three step rule, the 3 i's of internet safety. Be Informed, In view and Interested. We often run sessions for parents and caregivers to cover these points.


Be informed about the risks and benefits of Internet access.
Understand about chatrooms, instant messaging, forums, personal spaces like Bebo and Myspace. We stress to the students that the internet is anonymous and you never know who you are speaking to, that personal spaces are open and easily accessible to all and that personal information should never be published for the whole world to see. We stress that students should not publish schedules of their activities or exchange information

In View.

Where possible have your son’s or daughter’s computer in view. Try to keep internet activity in an active and well visited part of the home. It is easier to be informed and interested when they can see the sites they are surfing, the friends they are making and talking to or the spaces they are creating. It also limits access to inappropriate and unacceptable sites. Its hard to visit hate sites or surf pornography in the family room.


Be interested in what their child does on their computer and who they are talking or chatting to. We encourage them to ask their children to show you their spaces and their work. Discuss with them the risks of revealing personal information like their name, address or exchanging photos. Explain to them the dangers of meeting in person the “friend” they have met on the net.

This quote from BBC News is very appropriate
“Children are wary of strangers but if you have spent months getting to know someone then they aren’t a stranger any more”

Video resources

Here is a short list of some of the adcouncil cyber safety resources on youtube
Cyberbullying Kitchen -
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Cyberbullying resources -

October 18th, 2007
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This is a series of videos looking at cyberbullying.
It is supported by a 24 page teachers guide (teachers_guide.pdf)
The main video takes the perspective of the student being bullied (still fighting it)
The other videos are interviews with:
This is an excellent set or resources and materials to use with your classes
The site also has further resources on cyber bullying