RSVP Rapid Sequential Visual Presentation

If like me you thought the RSVP meant “are you coming to the party” you are only 50% correct.


RSVP also stands for Rapid Sequential Visual Presentation. This is a technique for increasing speed of reading, and some producer claim up to an 8 times increase in reading speed. The technique in a nutshell is this: - instead of having a page of text to read through, the RSVP tool shows you one word at a time in one spot - you focus on the one spot and can control the speed of sequence. Because of the single focus the rate at which you read increases. This potentially a very powerful tool for any learner but I feel lends itself particularly to Read-write learners and Visual Learners, in a similar way to which tools like Readplease and Read //out loud// (adobe acrobat readers reading tool) lend themselves to the Auditory Learner.


One of the tools and its one that is simple to use is RSVP Reader , a firefox extension (see below). With this you can increase the font size, play speed and single or multiple word modes. The Text appears in the central window.

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