ICT and the Auditory Learner

ICT and The Auditory Learner

Auditory or Aural learners like to listen and this is their prefered mode of collecting and processing data
These learners like....
  • Listening, speaking, explaining, describing, debates, show and tell
  • Discussions with Teachers and Peers
  • Musical performances, raps, songs oral presentations, demonstrations, Poems
  • Verbal games
  • Tape recordings
  • Attending classes, tutorials discussions
So the ICT Tools we can match up with this are:

Sound recordings

  • Microsoft Sound recorder - this is a limited windows tool that allows you to record upto 1 minute of sound
  • Audacity - this is a open source product, available from source forge. If you download and install the LAME DLL then you can record to MP3 format as well. a very good tool
  • MP3 player recorders - these often have linking software to allow you to download your recordings to you computer - very good for podcasting
  • garageband - the Mac standard
  • photostory 3 - narration feature - this is a potentially very cool program. Free, from Microsoft the auditory learner can add images and narrate a commentry to this. Well worth a look.



There are two parts to podcasting there is making the podcast and then their is aggregating the casts. I know of three easy ways of making podcasts
  • Audacity with Lame DLL - goto sourceforge and downlaod the latest version. It will also give you a link to the Lame.dll download
  • Moodle iPodcast module. Moodle is an open source LMS (learning management system) This one of the many modeules that are available other include RSS aggregators. http://moodle.org
  • First class podcasting - this is a web publishing feature of the First Class collaboration and communication software
To aggregate the podcasts
  • iTunes

Text Readers

  • Adobe Acrobat reader - there is a feature in Acrobat reader that is called READ OUT LOUD and in a very tinny voice this feature will read the contents of the page or document to you. Its a good start
  • Readplease - This is a better tool, cut and paste text into it or type your text directly into the window and it will read it to you. It has a variety of voices, pitch etc and you can increase or decrease the font size. The word spoken at the time is highlighted. It also is smart enough to avoid punctuation. Very cool. I use this to proof read essays, blogs etc

Audio Books

Librivox.org is a very cool site. Here a group of dedicated volunteers create audio books out of public domian owrks there are 12,000+ books. These can be download as MP3 (lo and Hi quality) and Ogg formats

Books should be Free - http://www.booksshouldbefree.com/
This is another resource site for Audio Books. The use of these books is a powerful tool for the auditory learner as well as a useful tool for students who have a long commute to and from school.

Audio Conferencing tools

The most common and widely spread of this genre of tools would have to be skype.
This tool allows the user to "phone" other skype users for free and make very cheap skype to telephone calls
It goes beyond this with video conferencing as well.
external image skype_logo.png

Web 2.0 and The Auditory Learner

The Web 2.0 Tools we can match up with this are:


Podcasting tools – podOmatic - http://www.podomatic.com/mix
external image podo_logo_medium.gif
this is a recorder, editor and publisher all together. Its a one stop
podcast shop
Podcasting is great resource there is some much information on some many subject areas and at some many different levels. Here are some of my favourites:
external image headname.gif
http://www.podcast.net/ - this is a brilliant directory of podcasts

external image banner.gif

http://www.epnweb.org/index.php The education podcast network - multiple subjects and curricula
and from the Virtual teacher site
Podcasting in Education
Tony Vincent's Podcasting
Finding Podcasts
Subscribe to Podcasts
Kidcasts - Dan has some books and some great ideas at
this site. Listen to the interview with Bernie Dodge. Yeh!
the webquest guy.
The definitive step-by-step guide on how to podcast?without
breaking the bank.
Podcasts Rubric - What makes a good one
How to Publish your podcast
Poducate me

Creative Commons Music Sources

These sites provide creative commons or royalty free music.
external image jamendo-200-en.png
external image ccdj.gif

History and Politics Out Loud

This is a dead site (no revisions since 2002) but it has a assortment of recordings of famous speeches by various political and historical figures:

Online Audio Mixers

Audio Mixer – Looplab - http://www.looplabs.com/
external image mmnw.jpg

This is Jamglue a tool for mixing and remixing audio content online.
Audio Mixer – jamglue - http://www.jamglue.com

Story Telling

Voicethread, is a photo and Audio tool that incorporates voice recording and text with images. Its a Microsoft Photostory 3.0 online but with a world wide audience.
external image logo.gif

Photo and Sound Tool - Voice thread http://voicethread.com/

Voice based Search engine

external image header_front.png
This is an interesting web site. This is a mash up using Flash, voice recognition tools and a extensive database of music.
Its a site where you can search for and find music, what make sit interesting is that you can search
by your voice.
Search for the song of your choice by singing or humming
The site is commercial - you can buy what you hum and find.
They even have a video of how it works - http://www.midomi.com/index.php?action=main.video
You can also publish your own material to the site.