QUICK” magazine is the regular publication of the Queensland Society for Information Technology in Education or QSITE. In this issue (QUICK No. 102 Autumn 2007) there is an interesting article on Digital Citizenship. This is a reprint from Learning and Leading with Technology, the ISTE magazine.

The bit that caught my attention was the comments about Virginia in the US passing a law last year (March 2006) that requires all school districts to integrate the teaching of cybersafety into the teaching of their curriculum. (My Blog). On the surface this is brilliant, the state has recognised a emerging need and problem and has reacted to this with legislation. There is a clear and urgent need. And the State of Virginia needs to be applauded. But it needs resources, time, incentives etc. When I looked deeper into this I noticed that someone had done some work and this was produced by VDOE - internet safety related resources This is a great starting point and well worth adding to. Click on the links to open the appropriate page

When we are talking to parents we have a simple approach to internet/cyber safety at home the 3 i's of internet safety

Age-Appropriate Guidelines for Internet Use
Hate Sites
Identity Theft
Instant Messaging
International, National, and State Organizations
Internet Benefits and Risks
Legal: National
Online Games
Peer to Peer (P2P) or File Sharing
Predators (Including Information on Luring and Grooming)
Professional Development
Reporting Problems
Sample School and Division Policies
Sites for Educators
Sites for Kids
Sites for Older Kids
Sites for Parents
Social Networking (Blogs, Personal Web Pages, Chats)
Safe Social Networking Sites for Younger Kids:
NZ Specific