Comic Creation Tools


I like using comics in education. I use comic creation tools in a wide range of classes and year groups. As a learning tool and medium comics appeal to all but in particular the visual and kinesthetic learner. Comic creation tools are cross curricula, flexible and captivating. Here are some uses in the classroom and some of comic creation resources I have found. Going into your local library you will see the array of graphical novels available to read ranging from the classic adventures of Tintin and Asterix to more modern genre.

Classroom uses for Comic

  • Digital Story telling
  • Creating Graphical novels
  • Storyboarding scenes for videos, plays etc
  • Summarising videos and films
  • Scene analysis in plays, videos and films
  • experimental method in science classes
  • How to comics for computing, technology and skills based topics
  • Exploring genres of publishing and presentation
  • Exploring and presenting in different genres and styles of comics and cartoons
  • Present class and sports news

iPad Tools

There are a wide variety of tools that are available for the ipad (and I am sure for Android devices as well). Many extend well beyond the bounds of simple comic creation tools. Here are some that I know and use. Its worth noting that Puppet Pals allows the students to create simple cartoon style movies

Online Tools

Comic creator
This is a comic creation tool hosted on the Read, Write & think website - a useful and simple tool for students to create their own comics

external image comiker.png
A free site allows you to craete a comic with out registration. Nice


external image pixton-logo.gif
This is a good online comic development tool. This is a site that uses simple sketch and text. Nice tool
external image y70410mg760ihdrq.jpg


external image comix_title_front.gif
This is a great and easy to use flash based resource. You can use this with students of any age.
The User Interface provides you with a set of charactors with different emotions

A simple toolbar of commands to manipulate your comic strip

and hay presto - you are an instant comic book author (of course quality is a different matter)

external image kerpoof_logo.png


Not brilliant and a little daunting to start as its in french, but toggle the language switch and you are away


They explain it all below.... In comic form!
external image login_toon1.gifexternal image login_toon2.gif

useful resource:

external image bs_beta.png
This is a membership required comic creation tool. Like most of these tools its in perpetual Beta
external image p3.png

Mai'Nada - Comic Sketch

external image comics_logo_small.jpg
This is another web based tool for comic creation.

Chogger beta

external image chogger-logo.png
Allows you to create comics from photos, pictures, and webcam captures and add thought/speech bubbles. Fairly easy editing. Requires free sign-up.

The Super Hero Squad
Allows users to create a comic strip or a comic book from pre-existing templates, backgrounds, characters, objects, sound effects and dialogue bubblues. Users can add creative dialogue and drag and drop items anywhere in the frame. No sign-up required.


This site offers a variety of preloaded backgrounds and characters that you can manipulate similar to using photoshop skills. It allows for a wide range of creativity with helpful starting points.

Installed Applications

here are a number of tools available that allow the user to create comic style presentations and publications. These are brilliant tools for the visual learner. They are engaging, fun and allow for creativity, expression and imagination:
The two that I know of are:

Resources & Videos

I have produced a couple of tutorials for comic life for windows. They are on teachertube. Here are the URLS:
Comic Life for windows pt 1
Comic Life for windows pt 2
Comics in Physics -